Jun 19, 2011

Energize your communications

Make sure you use effective ways of communication with your colleagues. Try to use the phone whenever is possible, and make calls short and concise. Don't waste your time talking about the last game or the weather when what you really need is to address a business problem. Use emails to send your greetings and make your phone conversations straight to the point that really matters.

When phone calls are not an option (like they weren't for me because I worked with people located overseas), use the chat to discuss things. Chatting effectively is something we need to learn. Because chatting does not occur in real time, when used improperly you can get lost and waste all your time. Keep your sentences short, make them more dynamic. Don't write 500-words paragraphs to say something you can do with 10. Remember you're not writing a spec, you are talking. Be prepared to turn around and change the way you're going like it would happen in a real face-to-face conversation.

Every single second counts. If you learn how to say what you need in 30 seconds - saying it correctly, of course - you will have more time left for "doing" every day.

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