Aug 22, 2011

Want to stay away from being hanged? Fail early... as much as you can

All the projects have risks, we all know that, but sometimes we fail in recognizing them early on when there may be a solution to the problem. It surprises me every time I hear something like: "We'll see how to do it when we get there". Then you find yourself there, and... there's no solution - or at least a feasible solution. And you are stuck. And your project goes to hell.

Find the risks and work on them before doing anything else. Create a couple of probable solutions, test them, make sure everything works and draw the path you will want to follow. If you get stuck, you've spent almost nothing at that point. You can switch gears and start over. When you are too further inside the mud, it's usually too late to go back.

Working with fast-evolving technologies put you in a fine line between what you can and can't do. Have you been playing with HTML5 lately? Have you tried to make it work on mobile devices? Then you know what I'm talkin' about. Staying on top of the technology it's pretty cool and sometimes it pays off really well, but you'll be facing a decent size of risk. So fail early and you will stay away from being hanged.

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