Jul 12, 2012

Stocktile sees the light

Finally! Stocktile is out!
After 4 weeks of long nights in front of my computer, Stocktile is live on Google Play in two different versions: Lite and HD. Mostly, I'm glad because now I get to use an application that does exactly what I want... nothing less, nothing more. If you want to see some screenshots, follow any of the links above.

What I've learnt has been huge. Lots and lots of things to share about the Android platform. Let's see what can I put together when I get my strength back from this past month.

Before going to bed, I do want to share the main lesson from these days. Copied from a tweet I posted 4 days ago:
Main challenge: The web is always online. Mobile applications are not. It's an entire layer of complexity added to our applications.
Think about it.

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