Sep 29, 2011

To the designers and project managers of my company

Wow! This mockup looks like science-fiction. It looks really nice, but it looks too nice to be something easy to implement. I love this forward-thinking type of thing: this is precisely what drives innovation and makes our products stand out from the competition... but give me a break: that thing is going to take a while for me to make it happen, so let's all be on the same page here: I'll do it, but you need to bear with me because it won't be done overnight.

And please, keep the hard work. Keep sending me those awesomely-designed mockups because I love 'em, just be realistic about the timeline. If we work together, we will bring this to live, but you need to know the implications of every of those ideas... and that's exactly what I'm here to do: to raise the flag and let you know.

And because I know that you know, thanks. It's awesome to work in such a nice environment. She thinks, he designs, he manages, and I develop (after raising flags, of course). Being realistic is a wonderful quality in this business.

Wrapping this up, thanks for giving me the opportunity of participating in the future. I know it will pay off in the long run.

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