Jan 11, 2012

Is SQL Server installed on your phone? No shit!

A friend of mine defending his now dead Windows Mobile piece of crap phone: "... And also, it has SQL Server installed on it!".

No shit! Seriously? I'm so jealous right now! I've been dying to have a phone with SQL Server on it. It's so important for me being able to create databases and install them on my phone, and access them remotely, and run some queries, and create stored procedures... because it supports stored procedures, right? What about triggers, views, and functions? Wow!

Enough sarcasm.

Now you wonder why Windows Mobile never took off in the first place. I hope you don't have this much unnecessary freedom with the current version of Windows Phone.

P.S. Somebody told me that Windows Phone has a Windows Registry! You know, that "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/whatever" key collection. After that, why not to port Visual Studio and make it run there?

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